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Morfa Bay 2018

Day One

It's Monday lunch time,12.05 p.m. Mr Morris has just text to say that they have arrived safely. Mission 1 completed!


Tuesday morning

I have heard from Mr Morris and all is well, following a reasonable night! The internet connection is very poor and he is having difficulty connecting - so bear with us.  We will bring news soon. 

Morfa Bay News

So it was full steam ahead when arrived yesterday, rooms were organised…to a degree, children were given their groups and the mission to get each of them into their wet-suits began. With the exception of a few (namely the teachers), we coped really well.

The sea was stunning, incredibly warm and completely flat. The children enjoyed using the body boards and surf kayaks.

The evening was spent walking the coastal path, spending some moments examining the jellyfish that had been washed up and generally asking “How much further?” “Are we nearly there yet?”

Suffice to say after the raffle at the end of the evening, in which the children nominated someone who stood out for good reasons, everyone was in bed relatively quickly and sleep came soon.