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Friday 17th


The children are up already and organised, the great clear up and pack up is underway! Wish us luck, judging by the boys dorm, we're going to need it!

I will update shortly with the results of the morning's presentation and any awards we might win.

The final room inspections will take place after breakfast. Currently the scores stand as follows:


Carew ( boys dorm): 26 points

Corran (Girls dorm) 29 points

Gwili (Girls Dorm) 30 points

Point are awarded each morning  for organisation, cleanliness of rooms and how well the children went to bed. We award bonus points to any dorm who go beyond our expectation. Now, whilst it looks like the boys dorm is falling behind, they actually have bigger challenge than the girls. All 19 boys share one big dorm, whilst the girls are in smaller groups of 8 and 10. They're all still in with a chance of winning!