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Thursday 16th

Thursday has been equally as busy as previous days, even though the children are clearly very tired. The boys didn't rise until a 7:30am wake up call, with many saying that they would have happily slept longer. Don't worry parents, we will keep it going and they will be suitably tired when we return- Saturday morning lay-ins all round.

So today was orienteering for two of our groups. They were remarkable and showed such excellent teamwork. We were very impressed by the way they supported each other. Not only that, but the speed at which they flew around the woodland was very impressive. The PE sessions and map work back at Colebrook have clearly paid off. Watch this space to see if their times win them the prize for the week! Additionally we had some super-fast assault course times. Some of the fastest we have seen... Could we be in the running for a prize there too we wonder? Fingers crossed.

The caving experience today really stole our hearts. Children were pushed outside of their comforts zones and fear was running high throughout the morning. However, the way in which the children talked each other through the narrowest of spaces with kind words, the occasional hug and holding of  hands- boys and girls- was so warming to see.

Children also showed their STAR qualities on the high ropes course, where fears of heights were overcome. They should be rightly proud of themselves!

Tonight is BBQ and disco night. We won't mention the several triple-decker burgers some children constructed and ate! Disco clothes have come out, some schools are even rocking the glitter paint. Of course, when offered it in his beard, Mr. Morris had to decline. (It just didn't match his sparkly skirt!) This will certainly tire them all out once more.

The raffles have been so so wonderful, with everyone given a chance to reflect on their day and choose a child who has stood out for them. There have been some heart-warming reasons for the choices every evening from children who have overcome fears to those who have just been lovely to spend time with. It has been a pleasure to listen to the children's nominations but very difficult to choose just one Colebrook STAR. 

So tomorrow is the last day; the week has flown by so fast. Just time left in the morning for a visit to the shop, then it will be time to pack up and leave. We look forward to seeing you tomorrow, when the children will have so many stories and experiences to share with you all. See you then!


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