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Tuesday 14th June

The morning activities have begun. One group has enjoyed the orienteering, another have been  climbing and had the pleasure of listening to Mrs Anderson as she screamed her way down the zip line. The assault course group were exceptional, the level of support and encouragement was Colebrook through and through! They also finished in one of the fastest times I have ever seen so I'm hopeful we could be in with a chance of the fastest team!

I will leave you for now with a few Assault course pictures, more to follow:

 Evening Update

Mrs McIntyre’s group braved the cave system this afternoon; it lived up to expectations of being dark, claustrophobic and challenging. There was much trepidation beforehand but they braved through it and successfully crawled, dragged and squeezed their way through to the end. 

This afternoon, the children thoroughly enjoyed the sea activities. The sun was shining and the water was super warm. We splashed and bounced our ways through the waves, running along and diving off paddleboards, dunking each other children and adults alike. Look out for the photo where I had to test Ethan’s weight to make sure he was throwable! (Don’t worry mum and dad, I didn’t really).

Some of the children took on a new challenge of ‘crate stacking’. The aim being to stack as many crates as high as possible whilst standing on them. Falling off results in the challenge ending. Whichever pair stacks the highest wins. I think the highest amount was 10 crates high. Of course the children were attached to harnesses and safety ropes and loved nothing more than the stack crumbling beneath them and then hanging in the air!

This evening we trekked the hill down to Pendine Beach where the children enjoyed an ice cream and a run on the beach. I've always wondered why we allow the children to have an ice cream at 8pm in the evening before bed...hmmmm.

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Here are some more photos for you: