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Wednesday 15th

Once again Morfa Bay has blessed us with beautiful weather, sun cream is being applied and the hats are out. This morning was action packed again, although the children looked much more tired today! A combination of fun activities, late nights and early mornings are taking their toll. Even the sugar rush from last nights ice cream are wearing off!

We all went rock pooling this afternoon and the children loved it. However, it took a little while for them to realise that the reason they were not finding much at first, could be due to the fact that 10 of them wading into a rock pool like a herd of wild horses kind of gives the game away. Hahaha!

That being said there were some great finds crabs, shrimps, prawns, sea snails, sea sponges and a really peculiar looking crab that resembled a 20p sized spider crab-  it was claimed by its founder and will hereafter be known as the Kara crab!

The children have really amazed us on the height challenges. Every child has attempted climbing walls, high ropes and zip lining. Some children found themselves stopping half way up the climbs, through fear. However, The Colebrook STAR qualities really shone through, with children showing great teamwork, encouraging those who were scared and every child striving to complete each challenge. 

Tonight we will have a relaxing evening on site with some organised games and chill time for the children, after all, its the last chance before the highs of tomorrow nights disco!

Enjoy the photos and videos!

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