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Morfa Bay 2017


Greetings from Morfa Bay! We made it safely and in good time today and the children were raring to go from the moment we arrived.

First up was the Zip line. All of the children were very enthusiastic and loved it… well nearly all the children. For others it was a challenge which was overcome through the hard work and patience of Miss Norman (and maybe a little bit of a push on occasion).

The high ropes were equally challenging and yet everyone made it up to the top beam, including Mr Morris (who actually thought he would get away with not doing it for another year). The children showed their Colebrook teamwork skills and can do attitude when supporting each other with cries of “You can do it” or “Get a move on!”

Mountain biking went without a hitch; we had zero crashes, no abrasions and no cuts. Left foot down, right foot down needs to be worked on especially when cresting high ramps and low dips!

Currently the boys have settled down well after the evening hike and customary hot chocolate. The girls on the other hand are a different story. To say that they are finding it difficult to settle would be an understatement. No matter how much we insist that ghost stories at bed time are not conducive to sleep…they still think they know best! Oh well bring on tomorrow, they’ll be the tired ones in the morning!

Morning Update:

Apologies for the late update however due to some excitable girls there was no time to complete it last night. There were some very tired faces this morning after what was a minimal amount of sleep!

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