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Reading is at the heart of our curriculum, with our aim to instil a love of reading in every child. The class teachers regularly read to children, carefully selecting high quality texts, which thoroughly engage both the children and the teachers!

The texts may also link into the theme that the class are undertaking or could be used to deal with an issue or promote discussion. The texts and discussions lead to the children's thinking being challenged and develops their ability to comprehend and justify.

The teaching of reading and comprehension skills takes place every day with whole class reading sessions.

Each child has a reading book, which is from our book band scheme. The books get progressively harder as the children progress through the colours until they become a ‘free reader’. 

We have a well-stocked school library, which children are able to visit regularly. Children really enjoy their visits to the library and they are taught to be able to find books that they will enjoy from authors they know and new authors. The library has a a wide selection of non-fiction texts that the children are also able to select. The Junior Librarian computer system allows them to be self-sufficient, checking their books in and out. Click here for a link to our library page.

We encourage children to read from a range of materials and genres. We buy First News newspapers that our children may chose as reading material and also buy the Storytime magazine for every class, a fantastic monthly magazine.  We also have a range of comics, annuals and graphic novels.  

Each year we run a book week, which celebrates reading and the love of books. Throughout the week, there are additional reading opportunities, maybe an author visit, competitions and a focus for the week on enjoying reading and getting lost in a great book! 

During this academic year we will be working even harder to promote reading for pleasure.

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Hearing children read at home is vitally important as is reading to your child. The links below offer tips and great book recommendations.  Take a look ...

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Reading Volunteers

Could you spare a small amount of time each week to become a regular reading volunteer at Colebrook Junior School, and help us with one of our most important activities?

Helping children to become confident, independent readers is one of the most important things that a school can do - and it is an area of our work where parents, carers and other members of the community can make a big difference.

We are looking to build a team of reading volunteers who come into our school regularly, and help the children with their reading by listening to them read, and talking to them about their books and reading choices.  

We are always keen to hear from people who would be interested to help us and supporting the teaching of reading by joining our volunteers.  Please contact the school office to find out more.

Colebrook Junior School is committed to safeguarding all of our pupils:  we require enhanced criminal record checks (through the Disclosure and Barring Service) and background checks for all regular volunteers.