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Mrs Nicola Scully

Colebrook Junior School

Working Together to achieve Success

Mrs Scully's Story Sessions


I love reading! I always have done. My childhood favourites were 'Teddy Robinson,' by Joan G Robinson,  'The Famous Five,' by Enid Blyton and The Mrs Pepperpot stories. I also had a very large collection of Ladybird books. I had a comic every week that got delivered with the morning paper; I had always finished reading it for the first time by the time I had to leave for school! My local library was not far from the house and I was a regular visitor. 

My mum used to read to me every day and in my imaginative play, I pretended to be a teacher and would read stories to my toys. They listened really well but didn't respond to my questions! 

My love of reading and books has continued. My first stop in a bookshop is always  the children's section and my family have got used to the phrase, 'I'm just buying this one to read at school!'

 This term I am reading the following books to the children of Colebrook Junior School...

Lower Key Stage 2

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We have just finished reading,'The Legend of Kevin.' it was a fantastic tale of Kevin the Roly-Poly Flying Pony who crashes onto the balcony of Max's flat after being blown out of his nest in the wild, wet hills of the Outermost West by a magical storm.  

Max can't believe his luck when he discovers the biscuit loving Kevin and they become heroes as they work together to deal with floods and naughty sea monkeys. Eep-eep!

Mrs Scully tweeted about reading Years 3 and 4 the story and got this reply...

 The Lower School have chosen this book for Mrs Scully to read to them next...


It's about a boy called Jonny who has had enough of his older brother called Ted.  So he decides to swap him for a new one!  Oh dear...Mrs Scully doesn't think this will end well!

Upper Key Stage 2

When Fionn Boyle sets foot on Arranmore Island, it begins to stir beneath his feet ...

Once in a generation, Arranmore Island chooses a new Storm Keeper to wield its power and keep its magic safe from enemies. The time has come for Fionn's grandfather, a secretive and eccentric old man, to step down. Soon, a new Keeper will rise.

But, deep underground, someone has been waiting for Fionn. As the battle to become the island's next champion rages, a more sinister magic is waking up, intent on rekindling an ancient war.

We can't wait to find out what the island has in store for Fionn!


So far ... we are loving it!