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After a night of not much sleep for the children (or Mrs McIntyre), we had lots of tired faces at breakfast.

All 3 groups started at the tower today with Climbing, Abseiling and the Zip wire.

Miss Kearney’s climbers were great, they really pushed themselves to go as high as they could up the tower with most of them reaching the very top.  

The abseilers all descended the tower as planned, some a little quicker than others, and some who needed a little push (with permission of course) from the instructor to get over the right side of the tower to head back down. The children were very supportive of those who were nervous about the descent which was great to see.

Every one of the children gave zip-wiring a go and did so well. Some of the children had 1 turn and though they enjoyed it, were happy to leave it at that, whereas others managed to squeeze in 2 or 3 goes across both the zip lines. It was lovely to see the children supporting each other when nerves crept in.



After lunch, Mrs Anderson, Mrs McIntyre and Miss Kearney headed down to Sea activities with their groups. Getting into wetsuits is one of the most fun parts of the trip for us all…not! Everyone had a fantastic time in the sea and it was so great to see all the children, even those who aren’t so confident in the water, having so much fun with friends. It was fantastic, if not a little chilly!

Miss Jenkins’ group moved on to Mountain Biking where they spent time on the field refreshing their skills. A few of the group were not quite as confident on their bikes but spent time figuring it out together and with the help of the instructor. The rest of the group then moved on to the bike tracks. There were some real dare devils in the group who were flying round the tracks which definitely made it tricky for Miss Jenkins to get the good action shots.


The final activities for the day were Archery, Abseiling and Mountain Biking.

Much of the abseiling and biking played out as it had with the earlier groups; some children were nervous and took a little time to get going, but completed the activities and we are proud of them for pushing themselves. Others were instantly confident and showed their support for others.

There were some great scores in Archery, with Luke being top scorer, and the children were developing great technique.