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A much better night sleep was had by all last night, with Teddy being asleep before the staff had even finished saying goodnight to the boys. Room inspections were completed this morning with the girls scoring much higher than the boys, which isn’t always the case.

Our final group went down to the beach for sea activities this morning, which was a little chilly! A few complaints were made about the cold but they all cracked on and had a ball, splashing each other and jumping off paddleboards.

More fun was had on the high ropes by the final two groups, with children flying to the top and being so lovely and encouraging to each other. Jess was like spiderman!

Today saw two of our groups taking on the caves. Caving is always an interesting activity as the children don’t quite know what to expect. In both groups, the children asked some great questions and powered through their nerves. One group moved through the cave so well that they managed to get to the ‘letter box’ area of the caves which can only hold 4 people at a time!


We had a brilliant Archery session this afternoon with some brilliant high scores. We did have one teeny misfire where Harry’s arrow ended up in the roof… as seen in the pictures, where our instructor had climbed up to try and retrieve it! We all enjoyed a giggle about it, including Harry.

Mrs Anderson’s group impressed with their knowledge at Bushcraft. Both halves of the group made strong looking shelters but unfortunately neither or them passed the ‘rain’ test and Eli and Abbie got quite damp!

We were proud of the children for getting stuck in to the muddy assault course. The level of mud wasn’t too bad, however they were all very dirty from the pools of muddy water. The course is timed, with a prize on Friday for the fastest team across all of the groups at Morfa Bay this week. There are checkpoints throughout the course where the children have to pause to wait for the rest of their group, and it was lovely to see their support for some of the children who weren’t quite as quick.


This evening, we walked down to the beach for ice-cream. The children were very pleased with their treats and the find of a (deceased) dogfish on the beach.

We have been so lucky again with the weather today and the children have had a great time experiencing new activities.