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Today was another action-packed day for Colebrook! Great fun was had by all.

The rationale behind the residential is for the children to develop independence, create lasting memories of their final year at Colebrook, experience new things and of course challenge themselves, overcoming fears in the process. However, there is a also a competitive element to some of the activities which pits us against the other schools here. The assault course is timed and teamwork is essential, the orienteering is timed and again, team work is essential and finally the archery score is recorded and a keen eye is essential.

Colebrook has only ever won the archery competition (a few years back), however, this year we have seen some record Colebrook times for the assault course and orienteering, so who knows. This could be the year!

On that note the assault course has been a sure favourite with all of the groups. They have thoroughly enjoyed crawling through the stream and muddy pool. Unfortunately, due to the hot weather it hasn’t been as muddy as usual but still prepare yourselves for the messy, smelly clothes.

Caving was a real success, with all children confidently squeezing through the tiny gaps and spaces. A number of children were genuinely surprised by how much they enjoyed it. Again though, heads up, you will no doubt hear about just how horrendous the caving suits were, with children proclaiming they were melting if not being roasted alive on the walk to the cave. We do have some dramatic children at Colebrook (shame there’s not a SAT for that! :) ).

The evening saw us walk down to Pendine beach where the children were able to have some free time, playing football, making sand sculptures, pootling around the rocks and of course, the highlight… Ice creams! The general consensus from each child as they came back on to the beach with ice cream in hand was just how good value for money they were. No doubt you will hear all about it. To say the ice creams were generous, would be an understatement and

“OMG, only £2 I can’t believe it”

Generally, the children went to bed well with only a few still showing resistance.

On a different note. Check out the representative photos of the girls dorm versus the boys dorm. I wonder who is in the lead...